The Microscope Session

Human Exploration of the Galaxy Fractures the Human Race


  • Psionics
  • Black Markets
  • Slave Races
  • Progenitor Race Lost To Time
  • Terra Forming
  • Galactic Governing Council
  • Feudalism
  • Symbiotic Organisms
  • Technological Gaps Between Races


  • Anthropomorphic Animal Species
  • Magic
  • Small Scale FTL
  • Replication (a la Star Trek)


  • Colony-One
  • Terrans
  • Galactic Politics
  • Alien Races

Humans Discover How To Upload Consciousnesses (O)

Mankind finds an ancient relic of the progenitor race which leads humans to adopt technology able to upload consciousnesses into computer systems. This also leads to breakthroughs in FTL travel. (O)

Due to overpopulation of the Sol System, humanity is forced to explore means of expansion. (X)

The doug’ul teach humans basic psionics. (O)

World leaders on Earth start using upload technology to continue unbroken eras of leadership. (X)

The Building & Launching of Colony-One, Terraforming Super-Starship (X)

Shortly after launch, Colony-One is quickly taken under anti-terran military control. (X)

The crew of Colony-One are forced to abandon ship before it self-destructs. (X)

  • Why does Colony-One not explode? Terran interceptors restructured the self-destruct program preventing its engagement, but as a result locked the ship out of phase with normal space and into phase with FTL space.

Upon discovering that psionic abilities cannot be effectively uploaded with a personality, renegade factions of humans break away from tyrannical terran leadership. (O)

The shril and the symbiotic nature of their relationship with humans, block the terran brainwave-based weapons. (O)

The Surviving Crew of Colony-One Successfully Terraforms The First Main Replacement For Earth, Terran Free. (O)

Terrans, humans, and a host of other races sign the Akathani Accords, forming the Galactic Union of Planets. (O)

After significant in-fighting over a seat on the Union Council, humans and terrans begin a series of small-scale skirmishes. (X)

Humans, having just spent all major resources on terraforming the new host planet, have to rely on the tirogal for military support to fight for independent political representation. (X)

Humans Accidentally Trigger A Galactic War (X)

The Elkheart Riots – humans destroy terran host vessels after terran autocrats implement local land tax. (X)

The Terran Council creates explicit class structures locking humans into a rigid class structure. (X)

The first behemoth (giant robots piloted by terran consciousnesses), Abaddon, is used to flatten the tirogal’s capital city. (X)

Seeking a final solution to the “Children of Earth” and their warlike tendancies, the vakarian leadership begin work on a new superweapon. (O)

Sol Is Exploded, Making Humans Endangered (X)

The terrans gain control of the ancient and adrift Colony-One. (O)

  • After attacking their home system, why did the vakarians assist terrans in reclaiming Colony-One? The vakarians recognized the threat of the aurani early. They attempt to build up the terrans to present them to the aurani as a more imminent threat.

Humanity’s remnants escape the Sol system on a refugee fleet. (O)

The “Children of Earth”, terran and human alike, are removed from the governing body of the Union. (X)

The Aurani Dominion, claiming to be direct descendants of the progenitor race, return to the Milky Way to claim it as their birthright. (X)

The Microscope Session

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