Refresh: 3

High Concept: Humanoid Medical Android
Trouble: Glitch-Prone
Phase One: Good In A Pinch
Phase Two: Do No Harm
Phase Three:

Great (+ 4): Crafts-Medical
Good (+ 3): Lore, Empathy
Fair (+ 2): Investigate, Notice, Will
Average (+ 1): Drive, Resources, Rapport, Fight

Medical Specialist
Widely Read
Heavy Hitter


Chip, an M6 (Generation 6 Medical) Android, was was synthesized and put to use in a pediatric surgical center aboard Starship Calliope until the M6 line was recalled for glitch issues. A patch heretofore unsuccessful, Chip was still used for short, small operations, medical advice, and assistance.

with special guest Dr. Richard Valenes
Dr. Valanes finds what he sees as a discontinued medical droid. He attempts to load it with a research intelligence, but Chip protests and stops the attempt.

with special guest GK
During a performance, GK was injured. He did not want medical attention, but Chip insisted. Anybody else would have likely just seen an alien biology, but Chip glitched during the treatment and deduced GK’s true nature. Chip was promptly sworn to secrecy.


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