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Business At Trident Vespa

Dramatis Personae

Davis #15472 / Sam
Dr. Richard Valenes
Garrus Kinkaid

Daniel Quinn
Breydon Falstal
Miona Agon
Rharo Thif

Trident Vespa
The Farjhu Order

As the fleet approached the planet of Gylan II, Daniel Quinn contacted Kinkaid about going planetside. A deal was to be struck with a local human businessman by the name of Breydon Falstal that dealt out of the Trident Vespa spaceport. He’s willing to make a trade of fuel cells for some medical supplies/attention as Gylan II has scant little for human medicine.

Once on the planet they are met by Falstal’s lackey, Sibbs. Sibbs is rather an idiot and isn’t aware when he’s being mocked (and Kinkaid makes sure he’s mocked). While Sibbs is away, confirming with his boss that the deal is legit, the group is met by Rharo Thif on behalf of Miona Agon. Thif offers them a secret relating to a second terraforming ship, Genesis, which is said to be far more potent than Colony One and is thought to be a legend. This secret is in trade for a device hidden deep within Falstal’s refining facility.

Sibbs returns, taking the group to the refining facility where they wait for Falstal. While they wait, Richard hacks a terminal to gain access to the layout of the facility. Falstal enters and after some discussion Richard and Davis offer some technical help to make his process more efficient. In doing so he offers an additional 5% fuel to the total.

It’s during this time that Chip is taken to the infirmary to being working on the afflicted. She sees humans ranging from children to elderly, all with the standard magnetic slave branding. They are afflicted with a bacterial infection known as malicious melatus, probably having come from the planet’s core, where Falstal’s drills reach. It’s curable and she beings to start administering care starting with the children.

Kinkaid, in the meantime, uses his psychic abilities to make himself invisible. He thinks he finds the door to the terminal room, where the device is thought to be hidden, but he opens the door to the guard room instead. Thinking quickly, he blasts the mag lock on the door, causing minor glitches in the security system. Some doors aren’t locking, others are locked shut. There’s a bit of distraction as the maintenance crew begins working on the locks. Kinkaid finds the room with the device, it’s a metal sphere with lines etched into it. He pockets it and heads back upstairs to meet the group in the infirmary. Medical services rendered, Falstal and Kinkaid agree to terms on the fuel and medical supplies.

On the way out Kinkaid prepares for the possibility that there’s a backup security system to alert when the spherical device nears an exit. He sends psychic waves to blow the device quietly. The continue back to Trident Vespa.

Once there they look over the sphere. Sam recognizes it as a Progenitor relic. He’s seen this specific one before. Among other things, it contains the information to the creation of jump gates which, until now, had not be reproducible by the galaxy’s sentients. Davis and Richard argue about whether or not to keep the sphere. Davis contends that it’s the single most important technological find ever. Richard makes the case that at this point Genesis is the best shot humanity has at regaining a home, that it’s more important to the survival of the race. Davis, unable to rebut Richard’s point, concedes the argument, but a compromise is reached. The contents of the device are not copyable to other drives, so Chip interfaces with it and reads the entire thing, the contents saved in her memory banks.

Rharo finds the group again and is prepared to deliver the secret of Genesis to them for the sphere, but Kinkaid attempts to leverage more out of her for it, the sphere containing so many ancient and powerful secrets. Miona agrees to meet with them and the group is shuttled to her base six hours away. In good faith Miona reveals to them that one of the Farjhu Order by the name of Narisannia saw in a vision the making of Genesis, and that it was far more powerful than any terraforming ship made heretofore. This Narisannia left for Gylan’s jump gate three days ago. As a matter of proof, Miona shows the group a sigil that Narisannia gave her, Chip recognizes it as a piece of information from the sphere. The key to an infinite energy source that, in Miona’s heavy burdeen accent, sounds like “Omega” energy. Satisfied with her proof, the group concedes the sphere to Miona and proceeds to leave on condition that she provide the fleet with sanctuary and safe passage should they ever need it.

On the trip back to Trident Vespa, Rharo reveals that as of two months ago Miona was a beggar. All she’s built has been within the last two months. The group asks Rharo where she was two months ago. She can’t recall. Kinkaid probes her mind to find no memories at all of a time before two months ago.

All business concluded, the group returns back to the fleet, fuel in tow.


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