Dr. Richard Valenes


Refresh: 3

High Concept: Human Archaeologist
Trouble: Banned From Research Guild
Phase One: Searching For Answers Before Considering The Consequences
Phase Two: Machines Are Tools To Be Used
Phase Three: The Value Of Teamwork

Great (+ 4): Investigate
Good (+ 3): Lore, Craft-Programming
Fair (+ 2): Will, Deceive, Resources
Average (+ 1): Shoot, Contacts, Notice, Provoke

Power of Deduction
Always Making Useful Things
Specialist – Space Folklore


Dr. Valenes found himself in hot water with the locals on Mars Station 5. Apparently there’s a thin line between research and trespassing, especially when corrupt police are involved.

with special guest Kinkaid
In an effort to escape the authorities, Dr. Valenes hires Kinkaid to help him get to the fleet despite a huge personal risk.

with special guest Chip
New arrivals seeking discrete medical service seek out Chip for her infallible patient confidentiality software. She warns them of her defect but, seeming undeterred, they give her the go ahead. She finished the procedure seconds before a glitch, and now Dr. Valenes and Kinkaid have firsthand experience with what her glitch is.

Dr. Richard Valenes

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