Davis #15472 / Sam


Refresh: 2

High Concept: Human/Shril Engineer
Trouble: Ex-Slave with a Brain Slug
Phase One: Too Curious For His Own Good
Phase Two: Cheaters Regularly Prosper
Phase Three: Leave No One That Could Talk

Great (+ 4): Fight
Good (+ 3): Crafts, Investigate
Fair (+ 2): Athletics, Burglary, Lore
Average (+ 1): Empathy, Physique, Provoke, Stealth, Will

Always Making Useful Things
Heavy Hitter
The Power of Deduction

Extra: Obsidium Sword
Permissions: Must be the host of the sword’s creator
Costs: 1 Refresh

The Obsidium Sword has an aspect called Soul Swallower. When defeating any sentient species this aspect can be invoked (and compelled) to upload the consciousness of the defeated enemy into the sword. The sword grants a +1 bonus to its use.


Davis #15472 / Sam

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