Humanity, All But Extinguished

What should have been the dawn of a new Golden Age in humanity turned out to possibly be the beginning of the end. Contact with a relic of an ancient alien civilization delivered to humanity a brand new age of technological discovery. Transhumanism. Faster than light travel. A new world of understanding had been opened up to them. They weren’t ready.

Humanity began to colonize, to spread across the Sol System, and it wasn’t long before they discovered a jump gate, a huge construct made for sending large vessels across the huge voids of space between the solar systems. They met new alien species, some friendly, others not. On one hand, humanity engaged in galactic politics, while back home, humanity on Earth was becoming a dying breed. In droves people were uploading their living consciousnesses into upgradable clones or anything that had computer systems, abandoning humanity. Wars broke out among the Children of Earth, and their alien neighbors were drug into the conflict. The Sol System was destroyed as a consequence of the betrayals of war.

Now, with the Children of Earth, struggling to survive aboard a refugee space fleet, even in their factionalized states, they are stripped of power. The galactic government also struggles to stay united, if ever they were. And a new power begins to reveal themselves from outside of the Milky Way, claiming to be the heirs to the founders of the galaxies, claiming all of creation as their own.

It should have been the dawn of a new Golden Age for humanity.

Fated Stars

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